About Us

Working as a Realtor, I often found myself assisting my clients in many ways;  helping them de-clutter  and stage their home to get their home ready to sell, coordinating with painters, handymen, air condition repairs, getting quotes, finding temporary housing and more.  Understanding the emotional and physical aspects of relocating and realizing that many of the seniors’ family are out of state, I saw a big need for this service.  Moving is always an emotional and stressful process and older adults can feel overwhelmed just thinking about the process.  I help by working with them and their families to sort through belongings and decide what the keep, ship items to family members or arrange for the sale or donation of items.  I am present through the whole process handling change of address, utilities, and phone, and oversee the movers.  I also unpack and setup their new home, from setting clocks and installing their computer to making their bed.  The goal is to make them feel at home when they walk into their new residence.

Originally from Massachusetts, I have a BS degree in Business Administration and Marketing.  I have over 20 years of professional work experience in customer service, technical support, project management, and marketing.